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5 signs it’s time to engage with a recruiter

April 27, 2023

Knowing when to engage a recruiter within your hiring process can be difficult, and although you may have hiring plans these can often turn quickly – whether unexpected positions become available due to staff resigning or external factors, the recruitment process within your business can often be unpredictable.

You may be facing a number of different scenarios, and each is unique to every business. By knowing when and how to engage a specialist property recruiter you can save yourself time and money, and find a perfect fit for your team.

Sign number 1: A key member of your team is leaving and you need to fill this position quickly

No business can truly predict when team members are going to leave, but when a key member of staff makes the decision to move on, it can have a big impact on the business, meaning you need to fill that position ASAP.

You may be tempted to wait until the person leaves to start the hiring process but you need to start it as soon as you know the position will be available. Typically the recruitment process can take between 4 – 6 weeks (the average notice period length in the UK), your new hire will also have a notice period to work so it could be 2 months until the position is filled.

If you engage with a property recruiter at the very first step, they can take the stress away from you and allow you to continue with business as normal. A recruiter will have access to candidates who may not be on the job boards or are actively looking for a new job.

Sign number 2: Too much of your time is taken up with recruitment

Recruitment can take time and when it isn’t your full-time job it can take you away from your other duties. Despite what some people may think, recruitment isn’t just posting an advert on LinkedIn and waiting for candidates to find you.

Recruitment is our job for a reason, for it to be successful it takes time and dedication. It is a specialist recruiter’s job to spend all their time helping fill your roles. By using a property recruiter you can save yourself time and energy

The recruiter will also take charge on organising any interviews, feedback and successful placements meaning you don’t need to worry about the admin side of the process.

Sign number 3: You’re not getting the right calibre of candidates

If you’re finding yourself rejecting more candidates than you are speaking to you may not be attracting the right people for your business. Just this initial process of going through applications can take time (trust us we know!). A recruiter will do this first step for you – speaking to all applicants and pre-screening them to make sure the candidate is right before you even see their CV.

The recruiter will make sure the candidate is fully prepped for any interviews and will deliver all feedback on your behalf.

Sign number 4: You’re spending too much money on candidate attraction and not seeing the return

It can be easy to target active candidates (those on the job boards and open to work) but finding passive candidates can be a challenge. Passive candidates are individuals who are currently employed but may be open to new opportunities. They're not actively searching for a job, but they're willing to consider a new role if presented with the right opportunity. Recruiters have the skills and experience to identify and attract these passive candidates, which can be a huge advantage in finding top talent.

A recruiter will get to know your business and understand your culture, meaning they can work on your behalf to attract the right candidates.

Sign number 5: You don’t know where to start

Knowing how to create a recruitment strategy can be a challenge, particularly if you are wanting to scale up your business quickly. A dedicated property recruiter will help you with this. The recruiter will come into your business to help identify business needs, as well as building your recruitment strategy.

We have the word ‘Consultant’ in our name for a reason, we are there to consult you on your recruitment journey. Take a read of how we created Aspire Property Group’s recruitment strategy and grew their business for 12 employees to 32.

In conclusion, working with a recruiter can be a valuable resource for hiring managers. They can help you find quality candidates, streamline the hiring process, save you time, and attract passive candidates. If you're experiencing any of these signs, it might be time to consider engaging with a specialist property recruiter.

The Ambitious Group is specialises in recruitment within the property, conveyancing and construction industry. If you are struggling to hire the right people for your estate agency or property business, get in touch today!

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