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Case Study: Aspire Property Group and Ambitious Group

February 13, 2023

How Ambitious Group helped Aspire Property Group grow from 12 to 32 employees


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Aspire Property Group is a property investment and property education business based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Aspire provide a hands-free portfolio building service to their clients as well as educates people on building their own property business.

We spoke with Emma Curtin, Operations Manager at Aspire Property Group, to find out what challenges the company faced and why they made the decision to work with Ambitious Group.

The Challenge

Finding the right people for the business is time consuming and difficult. As Emma says:

“The time it takes to recruit, by using portals such as Indeed we invite many applications, many of which are not right in some way and for those that are it’s a time hoover when trying to schedule interviews and feedback. Also, it’s hard to convey our culture when advertising and it’s our culture that would attract the right people.”

Emma knew that the right recruitment agency would take the time to understand the Aspire culture and get to know not just the business but also the people behind it as well.

“The right recruitment agency gets to know us, our culture and understand the type of person who would flourish in the environment which creates a great bond between us, the recruiter and the prospective new employee.”

The Solution

Aspire Property Group approached the Ambitious Group in 2021 to support their ambitious recruitment plans.

“We started on a growth plan in January 2022 and soon realised that we needed to use recruitment agencies to help us.”

Initially Aspire appointed the Ambitious Group to hire an Operations Manager in October 2021, from there the relationship grew. The Ambitious Group team worked closely with Aspire’s managers and owners to really understand their culture and who would be great additions to the team.

To begin with Matthew Iles, Managing Consultant at Ambitious Group, had a consultation with Jamie and Dan from Aspire to understand the issues they were having with recruitment. After several hours of discussion about Aspire’s vision and growth plans, Matthew was able to create a recruitment strategy to support them. Matthew said:

“I loved Jamie and Dan’s honesty! They were honest about what they knew and what they didn’t, and where they needed my help. This honesty is imperative and really helped me tailor the most suitable strategy for them.

I then visited them at their HQ to present my recruitment strategy and get a feel of the office environment.”

The Results

As a result of the close partnership Ambitious Group has supported in the growth of Aspire, helping them grow from 12 employees to 32.

“In January 2022 I Joined Aspire as the 12th employee and first member of management. I was placed by Ambitious. We are now at 32 employees, a new office and a management team.”

The Numbers

23 jobs appointed
48 candidates screened
37 CVs sent to Aspire
36 Interviews arranged with Aspire
8 candidates placed into new roles at Aspire
Average time to hire = 42 days

The Future

“Matthew is amazing, he has taken time to get to know us, visit us and really listen to who we need and want.

I am approached directly by recruitment companies regularly, through LinkedIn and other networks but I feel that because Ambitious know us so well that we much prefer to keep our relationship with them. I also love the fact the recruitment consultants are from the industry they are recruiting for, it makes such a difference.

I have never worked in recruitment but it’s not just a hard sales role, it’s about relationship building and networking and I feel that Ambitious Group have got that mix just right.” – Emma Curtin, Operations Manager at Aspire Property Group

As the relationship with Aspire Property Group continues to grow stronger, we can’t wait to further support the business. As Matthew says:

“Some clients come to us because they need to. They have tried to recruit and have not been successful.

Aspire came to us because they wanted to, they appreciated the value a recruiter could add and didn’t see this as a cost, they see our help as an investment.

That, along with the personal relationships created over the last two years make working with Aspire an absolute pleasure”

As a client of The Ambitious Group, you can be assured that you are in safe hands with a team of true professionals. To find out more about how we can support your hiring needs download our brochure here or get in touch today.

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