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An Easy Guide to Interviewing Property Candidates

September 20, 2023

Author: Matthew Iles

In the fast-paced world of property recruitment, the process of identifying and securing top talent is a constant challenge. As specialist property recruiters, we are dedicated to finding the perfect match between you and the candidate, we understand the pivotal role that interviews play in this journey. It's not just about asking the right questions; it's about creating an environment where candidates can shine and truly reveal their potential.

This blog will give you a step-by-step guide on what to do before, during and after any interview.

Before the interview

Confirmation - The day before the interview ensure you confirm the interview with the candidate. Even just a quick text or email to the candidate can give you, and them, peace of mind that the interview is still going ahead.

Objectives - Before the interview set some objectives – what do you want to find out? What are the key skills the interviewee needs to demonstrate?

Prepare - Prepare your interview questions beforehand, and be ready to answer their questions.

Welcome – Be ready for the interviewee to arrive. Most candidates will arrive 10-15 minutes early for the interview so you must make sure you are ready to start the interview on time and not leave them waiting.

During the interview

Signpost – At the very beginning of the interview signpost the candidate as to what you are going through. Give them an idea of the format and let them know when they will have a chance to ask their questions.

Relax – The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed the candidate will feel and you will see their true personality and offering. You don’t want the candidate “performing” just to try and impress you, as this could lead to a bad hire.

Information - The goal of any interview is to find out how well-suited someone is to the job on offer, however, you should also gain information about the candidate’s personality and life outside of work as this can give you just as valuable information.

Objectives – As the interview comes to an end make sure you have met the objective you set beforehand. Have all your questions been asked and answered?

After the interview

Follow Up - We always tell candidates to follow up after interviews to say thank you for your time, however, you should also consider doing this. Many candidates' biggest frustration during the hiring process is being ghosted after interviews. Following up and giving a clear idea of when a decision will be made can make the candidate feel more at ease.

Time – Take the time to make your decision, if you have doubts about the hire ask yourself why. Hiring new members of the team is not a quick and easy process, a bad hire can cost you and your business money and time. You need to be certain when making a job offer.

Offer – If you have found the perfect candidate for your business, offer them the job over the phone. If you are partnered with a specialist property recruitment agency, they will do this step for you and negotiate any terms with you and the candidate ensuring the best result for everyone involved.

Reject – If the candidate you interviewed wasn’t right for the role you must let them know. They have taken time out of their day, and most likely taken holiday leave from their current job to interview so they deserve to know they didn’t get the job. You should also give feedback on why they aren’t progressing and offer advice on how they can improve in the future. Again, if you are partnered with a recruitment agency they will do this on your behalf so you don’t have to give the bad news.


Making sure you get the interview process right is imperative to making a good hire. By structuring what to do before, during and after any interview you conduct, you will be able to get the most out of the process.

Remember, no candidate will be the finished article but the interview will allow you to see their willingness to learn and hunger to succeed.

The Ambitious Group is a specialist property recruitment agency. If you would like an in-depth consultation/training session on how to improve your interview process this is something that we do, contact us for more details!

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