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The Ever-Evolving Role of a Recruitment Consultant

August 8, 2022

You think of a recruitment consultant and your first thoughts might be someone who literally just finds people new roles but did you know there is so much more to what a recruiter does?
Our job is all about helping you find your dream job, and we have so many plates to juggle to do this.

What does a recruiter actually do? Find out below


A lot of our job is helping people make the move to a new job, sometimes professionals are leaving their current positions due to negative reasons and it’s our job to give them the confidence when moving on. We also have to act on occasion as a marriage counsellor, moving jobs can be a life changing decision not just for the professional but for their family too. We are able to advise on how to navigate this and support everyone in the move.


We have to have top-notch negotiating skills, it’s in our interest to get you the best possible offer and we have to negotiate this with the client. We also negotiate on your behalf to get you what you want and deserve.

Career Coach

Yes, this one is obvious but it’s not just as simple as finding people jobs. We offer expert career advice, whether you are looking for a new job, a change of industry or even a complete change in career direction. It is our job to navigate the tricky part and make your job searching as easy as possible.

Travel Advisor

When coordinating interviews we have to make sure you have all the information you need to make it on time, whether that is just a postcode for the SatNav or helping you plan trains or buses.

Fashion Expert

Every business has a different expectation of dress code, some would want you to come to your interview fully suited and booted, while others would be happy with smart casual. It’s up to us to know this information and tell you what is expected and what is suitable attire for the interview and ultimately for the job.


Okay, so we’re not claiming to be marketers (yes, our marketing manager made us write that) but our role has major marketing elements. From using copywriting skills to write our job adverts to attract you, to basic design skills to create job graphics for social media. We also have to be personal brand experts and be able to sell ourselves on LinkedIn.


Any specialist recruitment agency, like Ambitious Group, will have a strong CRM database built up of strong professionals. It’s up to us to analyse this data and find candidates to suit roles, this is why it can be so important to register your CV with recruitment agencies – they may not have a role for you at the immediate time but when the right role comes up the first thing a good recruiter will do is go to their CRM, if your CV is on there you can get the first pick of the perfect job.

The role of a recruitment consultant is ever-evolving and in a year’s time this list will have changed – who knows we might have to become automation specialists in the future! No matter what stage of your job search you are at, recruitment consultants can help.

If you are a property professional looking for your next role or in need of some advice on your career we can help. All our team are ex-property professionals and can offer confidential, unbiased advice. We also work with incredible businesses, from household names to independents and everything in between, so you can be confident we have the property, construction, surveying or conveyancing role for you.

If you are looking for your next property job, we can help. Get in touch with a member of our team, upload your CV, or view the latest property, surveying, construction and conveyancing jobs.

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