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How to hire for company culture

June 24, 2022

Company Culture. It seems to be a big buzzword at the moment, log onto LinkedIn and your feed is bombarded with companies claiming to have the best culture.
It can be hard to cut through the noise and know what your company culture is or even where to begin when creating your company culture.

Take a look below as we answer your questions about company culture.

Should I care about company culture?

The simple answer is… yes! The working world has changed and many people don’t just look at money and earning potential anymore. During the pandemic, priorities shifted for a lot of people and now we are seeing more of a trend with people choosing their next job not just based on money but on the company culture and if they are aligned with the values of a business.

What is my company culture?

Only you and your employees can define your company culture. Your values should determine what your culture is and what your business stands for. Listen to your longstanding employees and find out what they think the culture is – your current employees are at the heart of the culture and they can really help to define it.

How do I create a company culture?

As mentioned above, look at your organisational values and listen to your employees. Many companies make the mistake of thinking perks like table tennis or bean bags count as company culture but it should be much deeper rooted than that. Create your culture based on how you would expect people to behave throughout the organisation from the top to lower levels.

Should I focus on Company Culture during the hiring process?

100% yes! Of course, the most important thing to focus on is skills and aptitude for a role, however, company culture should play a part in this. A person may be perfect for a job BUT if they don’t hold the same values as the business and are not a good cultural fit, it’s likely that you will be hiring for that role again within a short time period.

How do I hire for company culture?

Think about what your values are and assess based on if the potential hire shows these during the interview stage – can you ask questions about your values? For example, if one of your values is resilience you can ask the interviewee to give you an example of when they have shown resilience both personally and professionally.

Remember that your company culture should be unique to your business, not only will it set you apart from the competition but a clearly defined culture will help you retain top talent.

If you are hiring for your property, surveying, construction or conveyancing business, we can help! Get in touch today to find out more or head over to our LinkedIn for the latest news and views.

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