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5 tips for writing a successful CV

June 24, 2022

When looking for a new job in the property sector, your CV is one of the most important things - it can be what stands between you and your dream role. The first thing a company sees is your CV, therefore it is important to ensure you have a strong CV that showcases not just your skills but your personality.

Don’t know where to start with your property CV? Take a look at our top tips below

1. Sections

Keep the sections on your CV clear - have sections for your previous work experience, skills, education and, if needed for the role, key performance indicators (KPIs). Make sure to use keywords throughout your CV and across all the sections but avoid using buzzwords and cliches.

2. Length

Keep it short – simple! Most hiring managers don’t have the time to be reading CVs that are over 2 pages long. Keep your CV short and concise with key information and skills on the first page. If you have a long work history include the most relevant roles for the one you are applying for.

3. Formatting

Keep the formatting on your CV consistent throughout, use the same font and size of text. Have clear headings for each section and use bullet points for key information rather than long paragraphs.

4. Grammar & Spelling

According to research, 77% of hiring managers will reject CVs if they have spelling or grammar mistakes, so it is essential that you proofread your CV multiple times – don’t just rely on Word to pick up on errors.

5. Personalise your CV for each role

This can take time but can have a real impact on the success of your job search. For each role you apply for carefully curate your CV to match the job description. If a company is asking for particular hard and soft skills that you possess make sure these feature and are prominent on your CV. Don’t just bulk send the same CV out to every company that is hiring.

BONUS: Don’t be afraid to show off your personality

Your CV is so important and it is imperative you get it right. By working with a specialist property recruitment agency to find your next role, you can rest assured that your CV is in good hands. A specialist property recruiter will know what hiring managers are looking for and will help you format your CV to ensure it stands out during the recruitment process.

If you are looking for your next property, surveying, construction and conveyancing job, we are here to help! Get in touch with one of our specialist recruiters or follow us on LinkedIn for the latest news, views and jobs.

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